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Hadis Malekie

Hadis Malekie

A pocket-size artist and researcher from animation-land, who gets the stories, scientific facts and informations of real world, mixes them with fantasy and humour, then turns them into visuals

"We enjoy watching the forms of sunflowers or wings of dragonflies, right befor consiteding it from aestetics, geometry or psychology. That is the same consistent beauty. No borders exist we just make them to focus"

Hadis Malekie

Location : Digital Nomad
Born in : Iran (Iranian)
Email : hadis.design@gmail.com
Skype : hadismalekie
Online Profiles : LinkedinFacebookPageinstagram
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Hadis Malekie

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I make motion pictures and visuals, also I love writing , would you please join me?

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  • M.FA. in Animation Directing ; B.Sc. in Computer Engineering; SelfStudied in Photography and Information Design

    Began her work in 2004 by gaining experiences in computer teaching; programming contests (coach, referee, and problem designer); conference and cloth photography, audio book producing, design and implementing several websites; Making Animated Films

    Worked in Studios Aloobaloo Animation - Lensopens Photography - Hadis DataVis

    Theme Medium Techniques
    Fantasy, Dreamy, Whimsical, Scifi, Educational, Toddler, Detail oriented Animatin, Creative Photography, Vfx, Illustraion, Creative Programming 2D, Digitalcell, Papercut, clay, minature world

    Languages: Persian (Native), English (Advanced), French (A2). Arabic (A2)

    Downlaod a more detailed CV here