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Nourishing the spirits of "curiosity" and "creativity" in people is my passion in art.

Children are curiosu and creative, and I think these are two important factors that human being should keep it alive as they grow, they can provide a better life. "Curiousity" can help one know the world and self better, enjoy more , and have more gratitude, "creativity" is the outcome and fruit of curiosity, recreating what one has observed, expressing them from special point of view

I am passionate about searching, finding and recreating patterns in life

1) Textrues in Nature

2)Patterns in movement

3) Patterns in Behaviours

Hadis Malekie

Location : Tehran, North Vancouer, Luton, Yerevan, Istanbul, Doha, Dubai
Email : hadis.design@gmail.com
Skype : hadismalekie
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Illustration by Ivan Haidutski from Icons8


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  • Hadis Malekie: Filmmaker, Photographer, Compute Science communicator

    M.FA. in Animation Directing, 2013,Department of Cinema & Theatre

    B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, 2007, Department of Computer Science & Engineering

    Self studying in Photography, Information Design, Paper Engineering, Self Improvement, Management & Couching

    Began her work in 2004 by gaining experiences in computer teaching; programming contests (coach, referee, and problem designer); conference and cloth photography, audio book producing, design and implementing several websites; Data Visualization, Making Animated Films

    Downlaod a more detailed CV here  

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